Long Johns

Långkalsonger Wool Light

Long Johns Wool Light m

Wool base with very good properties

An astonishing soft and elastic wool garment for use all year round. It will warm you up when it's cold and cool you down when it's warm. And don't worry, this soft quality won't itch.
Långkalsonger Woolnet

Long Johns Woolnet

Woolnet is one of our most warming garments

Just remember to wear something on top of it! In the holes that come with this fabric, air is warmed up by your own body heat and will stay there to warm you – as long as you wear something more on top.
Långkalsonger Light röda

Long Johns Light m

Perfect to keep you warm or cool, it depends on the surroundings. If you have high comfort demands, this lightweight base layer is a good choice.
Long Johns Wool Original m green melange

Long Johns Wool Original m

Wool underwear that keep you warm when it's really cold

Made from the finest merino wool and polypropylene, Termo Wool Original underwear is durable and soft. It’s constructed for cooler temperatures and will keep you warm, dry and fresh.
Långkalsonger Seaqual Light svart

Long Johns Seaqual Light m

Termo Seaqual Light is our latest addition, with a focus on design, function, sustainability and environment

Use the garments for outdoor physical activities like skiing, walking and so on.

Långkalsonger Original, ljusblå

Long Johns Original

Thermo's faithful servant, Original is the base that everything started with

The Original collection is loved by many and frequently used, the flexible quality keeps its shape wash after wash.